About Harmony Funds

The eight Harmony Funds are offered via single priced funds, providing a cutting edge solution for investors with efficient investment management, client administration and enhanced liquidity. The eight profiles are US Dollar Balanced, US Dollar Growth, Europe Diversified, Sterling Balanced, Sterling Growth, Asian Balanced, Asian Growth and Australian Dollar Growth Fund. With eight bespoke funds to choose from, the individual needs of each client can be provided via a combination of one or more of these core solutions together with selected satellite funds to meet individual’s needs. Each Harmony fund offers a well-diversified solution, with exposure to seven key asset classes: cash, investment grade fixed income (bonds), alternative fixed income (emerging market debt & high yield bonds), equities (shares), alternatives (funds of hedge funds), commodities & property. The Fund are diversified by asset class, currency, regional equity exposure, manager and style in order to provide sustainable returns and reduced volatility. Many of the managers are inaccessible to the retail market and all are appointed at a highly competitive fee level.

The Funds are managed by a team of experienced investment professionals at Momentum Global Investment Management Limited in London. Momentum Global Investment Management Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. Investors can be confident that their Funds are being managed within a strictly regulated environment by a well-qualified and experienced team with significant resources spent on manager research across the globe. Momentum Global Investment Management is wholly owned by MMI Holdings Limited in South Africa. MMI Holdings Limited is South Africa’s third largest insurance Group and is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).