Harmony Cautious Income

The Harmony Cautious Income Fund is a multi-asset, multi-manager UCITS fund designed specifically to provide a stable income over the medium to long term as a core holding for investors.

The objective is to deliver a stable level of income of 3-4% p.a., through quarterly distributions, whilst at least maintaining the capital value.

The Cautious Income Fund is similar to the Harmony Balanced and Growth strategies but with less exposure to equities and greater emphasis and exposure to Fixed Income, Listed Property, and Listed Infrastructure.

The Fund will be highly diversified across multiple asset classes, including equities, bonds, real estate and alternative investments. Portfolio construction is unconstrained such that the Fund will be invested wherever the best opportunities lie, with no persistent country or regional biases.

Currency hedged share classes will be available in A,D & E and across USD, GBP and EUR (with both distributing and accumulating options).

The Fund is a fully regulated UCITS Fund domiciled in Luxembourg, offering daily pricing and daily dealing. The depositary is J.P. Morgan Bank Luxembourg S.A.